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The World Awaits...Chart Your Adventure

Discover the world's most breathtaking sailing grounds in over 42 destinations. We chart your course from planning to setting sail on the top luxurious sailboats from Lagoon, Bali, Fountaine Pajot, Dufour, Sun Odyssey and Oceanis.

Your perfect sailing adventure awaits. Whether you yearn for the ancient treasures of the Mediterranean, the laid-back rhythm of the Caribbean, or the pristine beauty of the South Pacific, we'll work with you to design an extraordinary charter experience. Our personalized guidance ensures smooth sailing, from itinerary planning to navigating unfamiliar waters.

Destination Highlights

  • Mediterranean: Uncover ancient civilizations, savor vibrant cuisine, and navigate the turquoise waters of Greece or Italy. We'll match your interests with the perfect itinerary.
  • Caribbean: Embrace the islands' laid-back rhythm and dive into vibrant marine life. Need help choosing between the BVI's seclusion or Grenada's lively markets? Our expertise is here for you.
  • South Pacific: Discover the dramatic landscapes of Tahiti, embrace the vibrant culture of Australia, and explore pristine atolls. From provisioning tips to navigating local weather patterns, we'll ensure a smooth voyage.
  • Thailand: Discover hidden temples, bustling markets, and the unspoiled islands of this enchanting sailing destination. Our knowledge of local customs and hidden gems ensures an authentic adventure.

Adjust your sails to adventure. Own your vacation. Your dream charter awaits! Begin your journey with a personalized consultation, and let our steady hand on the helm make your voyage unforgettable.