What I love about Sailing

What I love about Sailing

I have always loved being out on the water. Growing up on the water in Prince Rupert as well spending summers in native village Hartley Bay has given me the fondest memories.

Although I worked as a commercial fisherman and had plenty of experience being on the water,  I did not start my sailing career until I was in my early 30s.

Taking my first sailing course as an adult on the little yellow escape sailboat instantly brought exhilaration I had experienced before. This instantly motivated me to learn more.

With the insistence of a dear friend.  I bought my first sailboat. A 16 ft Hobie cat.  My summer was now filled getting out on English Bay and really connecting with the art of sailing. Weight and Balance.  Subtleties of the wind and waves.  This was a recipe for more.

Continuing my path led me to more courses.  Cruise and Learns, anchoring, docking, coastal navigation, weather. I wanted more.  

Eventually I purchased my first and only sailboat.  Diana; 28 ft coastal cruiser.  This now brought new challenges and intimidations.  I spent the next 15 years exploring BC through some of the most impressive sailing grounds that I have been to.

Now I am a certified sailing instructor.  This was the rewarding exploration of new skills, acquiring knowledge but most importantly the confidence it brought me.

Sailing Instruction was not my intended course.  However, this has been the most incredible journey and can’t believe this is now how I navigate through life.  I have now taught and sailed throughout the world and my exploration is nowhere near done. As I dead reckon, I am always adjusting my sails to adventure and where it takes me is what makes the sailing lifestyle for me the best.

I wish to share my craft with those ready to embark on their personal journey and be part of the My Own Sailboat family.